Technologies and trends for 2021

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DALL-E example

1. Crypto

Cypto keeps getting momentum. It’s exploding with new all time records, last year has been mind blowing.

I’ve been watching crypto since long time ago but this year I will dive in and try to better understand it.

2. Web3, dApps, DeFi, NFTs

I’m starting to grasp all the infrastructure that it’s being built on top of the blockchains. I expect lots of new apps, products, platforms and protocols being developed this year. Feels like discovering the internet again.

3. Machine learning

We will start to see more and more applications that will start destroying tasks that were done by hand before.

I’m very surprised of machine learning powered CREATIVE applications like DALL-E.

DALL-E example
DALL-E autogenerated images with the prompts: “An armchair in the shape of an avocado. An armchain imitating an avocado.”

4. Remote products and services

More and more people is trying to never go back to the office.

And most of them doesn’t need to.

We will see lots of products and business trying to help here.

Best example is Teamflow.

Sample virtual room of Teamflow

5. Online communities

People are moving from general purpose social networks to communities.

Those communities offer users a deeper connection with peers and more value than general ones. People is starting to look more into valuable content besides some entertainment.

6. Monetizing hobbies

Expecting this trend to keep rising, most obvious example is gamers at Twitch and Youtubers.

More people are trying to monetize their hobbies through online platforms.

An example is Side Hustle Stack.

7. Decentralization

Tightly related with point 2.

We’re moving towards a decentralized society powered by blockchain. Events like the Twitter ban of Trump are accelerating the transition.

8. No-code apps

Most of the people doesn’t know how to code.

No-code tools allows many new people to leverage software to create apps without needing to learn coding.

Check out this repository of no-code apps.

This post is a dump of my tweetstorm “Technologies and trends that I’m excited to see in 2021” of January 2021.

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