Hi, I’m Jorge A. Cortés

Welcome to my homepage. I’m a R&D electronics products engineer. Here I write about Technology, better thinking, embedded systems and side projects.

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Chart of the price surge of Dogecoin
Value is in the eyes of the beholder

It seems Elon Musk pushing torwards Dogecoin adoption has finally got some heavy traction. As I’m writing this, in the last 7days we had a maximum peak value of 0.39 USD coming from 0.063 USD. Thi…

sports car
Automotive networks challenges

Automotive networks were a great discovery after joining the automotive industry. They are special, challenging and face different problems than usual networks. What’s special about them? What are the…

Remote work illustration
The economy of the fittest

In the globalization, competition for physical labor grew, turning business into offshoring physical intensive tasks and factories to lower wage countries. Thousands of families -and the economy in ge…