Hi, I’m Jorge A. Cortés

Welcome to my homepage. I’m an R&D electronics products engineer.

Here I write about Technology, it’s impact, crypto, better thinking, embedded systems and side projects.

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NFTs explained and FAQ

NFTs have a very bad reputation. “Have you paid for that? You’re paying for a jpeg! I have already copied it”. Today, I want to make you understand what they’re and what are the possibilities that it …

Punk4156 on TIME maganize
Giving life to NFTs, Punk #4156

When talking about NFTs and crypto art the first thing that comes to mind are the CryptoPunks. They have defined the current NFT standard and have become the most valuable art pieces on the blockchain…

Mirror logo
Mirror, the crypto-blogging platform

When talking about NFTs most people think in pictures, avatars and speculation. Even though all of that exist -and it’s fine- I want to explain an use case where NFTs have utility in new ways. I’m tal…

DystopianPunks Cyborgs
How it’s a NFT collection revealing? My experience

In the last article, I wrote how it’s a NFT collection launch and my experience at the DystopianPunks V2 launch. Now we’re going to close the circle and explore how it’s the revealing and my experienc…

DystopianPunks variety
How it’s a NFT collection launch? My experience and thoughts

Even though I don’t see myself collecting NFTs, the best way to understand new trends, technologies and use cases is by using them. Last week I decided to go to the launch of the new DystopianPunks. T…

Tuebit os diagram
Open deployment software

Open source software is great. It allows all the stakeholders to check the code. And in many cases, to reuse the code. The problem is that users can’t very that the server is executing the published …

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