How it’s a NFT collection revealing? My experience

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DystopianPunks Cyborgs

In the last article, I wrote how it’s a NFT collection launch and my experience at the DystopianPunks V2 launch. Now we’re going to close the circle and explore how it’s the revealing and my experience.

The collection – DystopianPunks V2

DystopianPunks variety
Example of DystopianPunks with its different rarities.

The collection is an avatar type of collection. That means that the images suit for profile pictures in social media accounts. Using NFTs as profile pictures is a trend among NFT collectors for showcasing their pertenence to a community or even status. Even JayZ is showing its CryptoPunk at its Twitter account. Collections are usually capped in number, in this case 2077 and there are different rarities of tokens.

Rarity has two axes: the type of the punk (alien, ape, robot, female and male) and their traits. Some traits are: glasses, caps, hoodies cigars, etc. Depending on types and traits the punk would be more rare, unique and more valuable to collectors.

The relationship between each token and its attributes it’s not revealed in the launch day. That day, people were minting tokens without knowing what type of traits the token had. They just get a token number in their account and the creator uploads the metadata later. This makes it similar to a premium trading card packet or a mystery box, giving it lots of emotion.

Before the revealing

In the case of Dystopians it was the next week after the launch day. There was a new countdown in the website to let people know when the revealing would be. The floor -or the lowest entry price- grown steadily and the collection was getting more popular even though the metadata was not yet revealed. Only a few punks to showcase the style were shown in the page but it seems it was more than enough to create great expectations, bringing popular NFTs collectors to the reveal.

The plan was to do it on Thursday but unfortunately, Dekadente was running out of time and had to postpone the revealing for one day. This guy works very hard. This move that I’m sure for him felt like a miss, it was a success, giving it more time for the hype and to keep the floor going up to 0.3 Eth before the revealing. Lots of speculation and trades before the revealing, whales trying to ensure some money but risking losing a rare one. Hard election. Even bots were doing automatic offers to try to get some cheap. Having just one, made it easy for me, I would just hold as I wanted to be part of the community.

The revealing

The countdown was getting close, lots of hype at Discord and people were on the edge. You could get a very rare alien, robot or an ape! Dekadente announces metadata went live. People rushed to Opensea and clicked on the refresh metadata for their tokens. After some seconds, the channel gets flooded of fucking awesome DystoPunks images. People were yelling how cool they are and how lucky they got. I got a robot! Incredibly lucky.

The year is 2077. The singularity has come and gone. Leaders of the world have united behind one single currency: Ethereum. The promise was abundance. The reality was different. Man. Machine. They could not coexist. “The Bot Wars” decimated the Punks… Almost 80% of the population was wiped out overnight. Zombies no longer roam the earth thanks to the cure found by an aging @VitalikButerin. Welcome to the world of the @DystopianPunks


After some hours, the collection got to position 21 of Opensea with a volume trade of more than 180 Eth, a great success. Higher trade was an alien for 7.55 Eth.

Not only the revealing

DystopianPunks animated punks.

This project has some special things since it’s an upgrade from the V1. The first one is an airdrop of animated cyborg versions of the V1 punks for those that had one. Giving back some value for those that were in the project from the beginning. Another cool thing is the DystoFactory upgrade, giving the original CryptoPunks owners a Dystopian version of his original one. Clever move to create synergies with the original punks.

What’s next?

Dekadente’s plan is to create a Punkverse. The details are not revealed yet but I bet it will be very interesting. If you’re into this kind of NFTs you should come to the Discord and join the community. If you want to get in, you can check the collection at

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