Hi, I’m Jorge A. Cortés

Welcome to my homepage. I’m an R&D engineer specialized in software development with wide experience in electronics products.

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Setting up a VPS for containerized apps

Recently I’ve been setting up a new VPS for hosting dockerized web apps behind an nginx proxy. The goal is to have an nginx reverse proxy for serving the different web applications on the same serve…

safety architecture defect
Let’s not forget about software safety

Software defects can kill people. I’ve revisited the case study of the unintended acceleration in Toyota cars in 2009 by Phil Koopman. You couldn’t believe what was found. For those that don’t r…

Millionaire Solidity bug
Don’t let prejudice fool you

34 million dollars have been lost forever in an Ethereum NFT smart contract. What a waste. Because of software defects, the contract has reached a state where the money has been locked inside the s…

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs)

When introducing Ethereum, I mentioned DAOs as one of the applications. Today, I’m going to explain to you in more detail what is a DAO, how they are created, and give you some examples. Let’s start. …

Futuristic city NFT
Smart contracts data reading, introduction to Web3 development

One of the benefits of the blockchain is that all data is freely available. To create web3 applications it’s necessary to ask the state of smart contracts to the blockchain. If all of this sounds obsc…

Jump (mbsjq) NFT
Creator economy tokens

Tokens have come to stay. Most people are looking into DeFi but there are other use cases that are as disruptive or more. I’m talking about creator economy tokens. Tokens that somehow represent creato…

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