It feels like 1999

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Jeff Bezos felt weird when he left his well paid corporate job to sell books online. “What the hell is he doing?” They said.

And now, I feel like we’re in the same moment. When the internet was being created. Like in late 90s and early 00s. There’s a this new blockchain technology that provides the framework to power many new applications that were not possible before: cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, DeFi, DAOs, NFTs… And we’re still in the discovery phase. Even most experienced people is still figuring out. There’s not even a consensus on how to scale a blockchain.

Many say that developing blockchains or smart contracts feels like doing HTML at 1997. Everyday you see applications being released that are truly original. New experiments are being created every day. With cryptocurrencies, we can test all types of game theory mechanisms. People are inventing new types of media where the market is embedded and every creation is unique and can be purchased. Everything can be turned into a market, even ideas. You see people organizing themselves in new ways like when web2.0 was invented. There are even new type of companies already working.

If Web2.0 changed human interaction, Web3.0 is changing human economy. And that can lead to many things. Things we may didn’t even consider. People are already trying to start a country from the bottom up. Remember these words: individual sovereignty and decentralization.

Will you miss it?

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