It feels like 1999

Jeff Bezos felt weird when he left his well paid corporate job to sell books online. “What the hell is he doing?” They said. And now, I feel like we’re in the same moment. When the internet was being created. Like in late 90s and early 00s. There’s a this Read more…

Ethereum Logo

Ethereum – Through Technology

Ethereum unlocks a new world of opportunities to blockchain technologies and allows new developments that most people still doesn’t understand or doesn’t even know. Those opportunities and infrastructure that’s being developed will change the world in several ways.

The blockchain – Through Technology

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are exploding in popularity. You probably heard that the blockchain is the technology behind them but… What is the blockchain? How does it work? Technology experts are claiming that the adoption of blockchain technologies will be as transcendental as the internet. If machine learning is disrupting labor, Read more…

Bitcoin as a battery

Bitcoin is an energy battery

Many people is saying that Bitcoin is an energy battery. Why? What does it mean? Renewable energy plants often have excess energy production that cannot be stored efficiently and go to waste. They put that exceeding energy to mine Bitcoins. With that power, mining and transactions are made, that’s how Read more…